Sunday, 11 September 2011


I'm planning something new, but which will enable a return to something I love after some time away from it. It is five years since I dyed with indigo. I love blue very much and simply can't get enough of the particular shades that come with indigo dyeing. I'm hoping that it will be just the thing for this new project.


  1. Thanks for showing your book about indigo dying. Never tried that despite the fact that I am a 'blue' girl inside out and love indigo.
    The book I have added to my list and I hope you will show your experiments.

    Have a great sunday evening.

  2. Thanks. It'll be a little while before I get blue hands but I'll keep you posted when I do!

  3. I love indigo...don't have the space in my flat! miss my studio.xxlynda