Saturday, 17 September 2011


I sat and stitched in between sales at the Makers Fair last weekend. I played about with some of my rust/seaweed dyed silk and found that little seeding stitches helped to keep the crumpled structure that the silk has and which I want to retain.

The wool felt I have left from my degree project makes a lovely base to stitch into and I find that I keep coming back to the square units that I used throug
h out my final project, derived from ideas in architecture. There is something so pleasing about the square format.

I started off with a larger piece of felt and an even larger piece of sil
k and played about, but without direction. As soon as I cut off small squares I was happier with what I was doing, finding ways to vary the repetition subtly.

I've also been experimenting with ideas for a commission I have. I'm hoping that I can use some of the leftover materials from my degree work, as well as some left over ideas.


  1. All beautiful, Alice. Small is good!

  2. just wonderful. I love the texture and the heft of the layered silk/wool pieces. and I adore the stacked/layered pieces and the raw edges in the last two images. thanks for sharing.

  3. I do like these - especially the rustiest one. Looking forward to seeing where you go with them!

  4. Thank you both. I'm not sure where the rust dyed ones are going really but it was good to do some stitching again.