Monday, 31 October 2011


I spent a couple of hours in my garden the other day.  It was sunny and mild and the perfect opportunity to clear some of the debris left from Summer's abundance and to collect some seed before it all falls to the ground, and before British wintertime began with the clocks changing.

I gathered seed and/or seed heads from poppies, fennel, aquilegia, love-in-the-mist, cerinthe and from some runner beans that had been left on the plant far too long to make pleasant eating.

While I sorted them for storage I laid them out, enjoying the different seed heads and forms of the seeds.

 Then I put them away into paper bags, ready for a new season and, hopefully, for a new garden.



  1. What a great set of pictures, they are just gorgeous.

  2. A portable garden perhaps? Now that's an interesting idea...

  3. I did find pictures of gardens on top of buses a while ago - that's portable! I like the idea of things growing out of bags though.

  4. LOve these images Alice...
    just wonderful in their simplicity.

  5. Thank you Sophie. I struggled with bad light taking these but the white background helps to show each little item off in the best way possible.