Wednesday, 16 November 2011

open house

I spent a lovely weekend sitting at 6 Harrowby Road (hosted by the lovely Joanna) with my work and the work of various other artists adorning the walls. I met some lovely people, had some really interesting conversations and feedback about my work... and drank lots of coffee and ate lots of cake!

I do think that showing art in domestic settings can work really well.  There is a relaxed-ness that you will never get in a gallery, and people get to see how something might look in their own home.  Of course there is a certain amount of nosiness in being able to wonder round other people's houses, and that is part of the attraction of an arts trail like this for many people.  I took some stitching to do on the second day and have to admit that it felt very luxurious to sit on a comfy sofa all day, stitching and having pleasant conversations... back to the rest of life now!


  1. Alice your work looks stunning. I agree that showing art in a more intimate setting can be a nice way to show it off.

  2. This looks great, both the work and its setting. A lot cosier than my own recent Art Trail experience - two weekends in a freezing garage!

  3. yes, I was very lucky being placed in such a nice house. The colour of the walls was perfect and the wood burning stove was an absolute pleasure to share a room with! I only wish people had a bit more money to spend on artwork at the moment!

  4. It all looked great in that setting, wish |i could have come along. I went to the salts Mill trail earlier this year, the first one Ive ever been to and loved the whole experience. The voyeuring of homes there was prob part of the hostorical element of that trail. The houses 'showing' are original old Mill staff homes, so its a double whammy seeing the homes, so soldly built and nostalgic of times past, now in use for modern couples ( mostly).
    But seeing art in a 'home' environemnt as opposed to an often 'faceless' gallery, shows how appropriate a piece of work transfers from gallery to a home environment.
    Theres little money around your right but your work is great, so good luck for the future.

  5. I live just on the edge of Saltaire and I'm involved in organising the Saltaire Arts Trail that you came to. It is a lovely combination of seeing inside those historic houses and seeing lots of creative work. It was interesting to be on the other side this time though. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  6. Your work looks wonderful, Alice. And I agree that it's a bonus to show it in a residential setting. After all, our intention is to have our art lived with!