Saturday, 3 December 2011


I have some work in this exhibition of small prints in Hull.  I'm hoping to get over there at some point soon to see it.  It looks like there is a lovely mix of different print techniques.  

The work I submitted are rust prints with tea on paper, which have been stitched into with small seed stitches

The exhibition is on until 21st January.


  1. Hi Alice, your work looks really good. I am from Hull, where is it your work is exhibited - the ferens art gallery? I may visit while I am home from university over the Christmas break! x

  2. love this rust and paper work. lynda x

  3. Hi Sarah. The exhibition is at Artlink in Princes Avenue. I haven't been yet so I'm not sure quite where it is - you probably have a better idea if you're from Hull. I just have two pieces there but it looks like a vibrant exhibition. Let me know what you think if you go.

  4. hello, alice! so thrilled to have discovered your wonderful work! i would love to follow your blog trough blogger but i can't figure out how to. help?

  5. Hi Anca. I've actually transferred over to a wordpress site now so if you want to follow me you need to go here: