Sunday, 19 February 2012


You've really got to prepare if you're going to be spontaneous
David Hockney

I'm preparing to print but there is a lot to get ready before I can.  I've cut card for collagraph bases; made a registration sheet to go on the print bed; trimmed my press blankets to size; covered the bed in plastic so it is wipeable; made a board for weighing down damp paper; cut down my A2 paper to A4...

Before I can print I need to: buy some meths to dilute the shellac in; finish making and seal my first batch of collagraph plates; mix up some inks; soak and blot some paper...  

Meanwhile, I'm gathering together recent stitched paper samples and experimenting a little with stitches on the prints I made a few months ago

The weather is all over the place: yesterday it rained persistently for a few hours, then felt very spring like and I dried washing outside and took photos while there was sunshine streaming into the house, then I walked in the woods in wind and hail.  In my studio I now have daylight bulbs so at least the light is a bit more consistent in there.


  1. I love that quote - and how true it is.

    I've been reading back and realised you've got yourself a printing press - fantastic! Have fun! I really wish I had more time to play with mine at the moment, roll on the summer holidays.

  2. Hi Helen. My press is the same as yours. Just gearing myself up to get it less shiny!

  3. I just love this work you're doing -- makes me sorely wish it was MY work! Looking forward to seeing what's next for you.

  4. Just discovered your blog...tripping through the internet - and LOVE your work! Fantastic - I'm in a rust phase now and am thrilled to see such accomplished, beautiful work. Congrats to you!