Saturday, 3 March 2012


I've been making some first experimental collagraph prints using my new printing press.  This first lot are really about getting the feel of the press and the process in my own studio (I've only ever done this kind of printing before either at college or on a course so this time I'm on my own!).  I've also been experimenting with how stitches react to being made into collagraph prints and the kinds of effects I might be able to achieve.

Here are a few of the first results (hot off the press!)

The prints are all still drying and I had to order some thicker blotting paper this week as the stuff I had wasn't coping.  Later in the week, once I'd got my head round things a little I started to layer collagraph prints over some rust prints I'd already made.  Some of these are really interesting and I'll show you more once they've dried off properly.


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  1. Your work is so inspiring, Alice. I just love it, all of it!