Thursday, 21 June 2012


In an attempt to streamline my on-line activity and to gain some control over things myself (i.e. not rely on others to do technical stuff I can't do) I have changed my website to amalgamate this blog and my daily square one.  Therefore please follow me over here from now on.

It will take me a little while to get used to a new system for posting and tweek things over there.  I know it's annoying to have to change bookmarks etc. but hopefully you'll keep finding me and follow what I'm up to.  

I'm so thrilled to have found so many followers here, so many people actually interested in what I'm doing.  I really value the comments and feedback I get from this on-line community.  At times it can be a pretty lonely business beetling away on my own at home, so to have a bit of support from others is wonderful and keeps me sane!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Thanks to Nigel I realise there is now info on Farfield Mill's website about my week there in late July.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

tea and rust

I've been using tea as part of my rust print process without really realizing its significance.  My first experiments used tea to wet my paper because I liked the colour and the tide marks it left when drying.  It is only more recently that I've understood that the tea is playing a significant part in producing the results I'm getting.

Tea has tannic acid in it and this reacts with rust.  I found someone on the internet using tea to help remove rust from old watch parts and some a nice pieces on tea and rust here and here.

I find that the tea also darkens the marks from an orangey colour to something much darker: browns, greys and sometimes almost black.

During conversations at the Open Studio event a couple of weeks ago I felt a little foolish that I couldn't explain the science of it.  I did a little experiment to prove to myself that the tea really was making a difference.  Scraps of the same fabric were left wet (one group with just water and one with tea) with rusty items laid on until dry.  The image at the top shows the ones with tea on the left and just water on the right.

When I returned last weekend to some rust bundles I'd left in the lighthouse I added a bit of tea to the already stained fabric and immediately there was a change:  


Monday, 4 June 2012


Bradford Open For Art or Open Studios is well under way now with just one more day of events.  Yesterday saw pretty dismal weather but today the sun shone and that seemed to make all the difference to the numbers knocking on the door.  I will be open again tomorrow between 11 and 5 at 28 Highfield Terrace, Shipley.  There is a cluster of other venues nearby so plenty to look at.  

There is finished work to see, work in progress (on the kitchen table - see below) and my studio in the basement is available for a poke around. There is cake made and a kettle on the boil...